Jan 23, 2019
YappyDog Software
Spelling Challenge     SPELLING CHALLENGE
Make practicing those spelling words a little more fun for your students. Integrate your spelling lists with two different versions of the popular hangman game, or use your spelling lists to generate a wordsearch puzzle page.

As an administrator, you setup spelling lists which are organized by grade and then story (or assignment). You can setup both a normal and a challenge list for each story. From each list, you can generate a word search puzzle to be handed out. The word search option creates an answer sheet for you and the handout sheet for the students.

The hangman (or countdown) game is played on-line. Students logon to the spelling challenge web page. Stepping through a series of easy to understand menus they select their name, select a story, select a word list level, and configure the game to their liking. After that, away they go. The program randomly picks a word from the selected word list and keeps track of wins and losses. Students work on spelling, word recognition, pattern recognition and memory.

Site licensing is available for your school. Please email us with any questions regarding site licensing: sales@yappydog.com

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