Jan 23, 2019
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MathFacts     MATHFACTS
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

Choose any of our pre-defined MathFacts tests, or build your own. It's simple and that's it as far as setup is concerned. After that, your students take the timed tests on-line. When completed, the test are corrected and scored automatically. The students can print out their results to make any corrections or complete those that they didn't have time to finish.

Subscribe to the MathFacts Plus product and you will be able to view on-line all of the results from your student testing and track their progress over time.

The MathFacts product is a tremendous time saver for the teacher and is fun to use for the students. Best of all, we've noticed that the students are very motivated by the online testing and love to try to improve their performances. Students can log on from home to practice their math facts. You can assign it as homework and it comes back fully corrected! The children are practicing their math skills, improving them and having fun. Who could ask for more?

Site licensing is available for your school. Please email us with any questions regarding site licensing: sales@yappydog.com

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